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    An Afternoon with Starling & Feathers

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      This meeting will be taking place on-line in Honolulu at 3:00 pm Hawaiian time on September 8th.


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      About the Speaker: 
      Phillip Kerman has been a self-employed programmer for more than 20 years--specializing in multi-user and asynchronous applications.

      Twitter: @phillip
      Website: http://blog.phillipkerman.com

      About the Presentation: 

      Phillip Kerman presents the fundamentals of the Starling framework for high-performance games and applications. Starling insulates you from the otherwise complex world of Stage3D (a GPU accelerated layer in Flash/AIR--which isn’t limited to 3D applications).  In addition, he’ll cover the sister framework, Feathers, which provide fully skinnable components and a layout engine within Starling. The focus is to introduce technical details that all Starling users need to know. 


      Starling Basics: 
      • Basic Starling boilerplate 
      • AssetManager/image maps 
      • Textures from Flash Sprites 
      • Handling lost context


      •  Components 
      •  Layout 
      • Limits/challenges 
      • Support/Resources

      The URL for the meeting is - http://experts.adobeconnect.com/hawaiiflash/


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