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    Always Fullscreen Website

    MP Stuttgart

      can anyone explain to me how i can create a website thats always fullscreen on pc browsers?

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          pziecina Level 6

          Simple answer - You cannot.


          Browsers stopped allowing coders to do this years ago, and even if you could get a browser to do it on initial load of your page -

          1. There is nothing to stop the user resizing the browser.
          2. Chances are the user would never visit your site again, (they set the browser size, because that is what they want.
          3. You would have to include a JavaScript function to watch for browser resize, then stop the user from doing so by resizing the browser window again. Which would certainly mean the user going elswhere.
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            MP Stuttgart Level 1

            i think you didnt understod how i meant my question. I want to have my page like this one: Michael Schmid - German Digital Designer & Developer

            So that there is no space right and left (no white room)

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              pziecina Level 6

              What you require then is that your page is 100% of the browser viewport. Which you do by using what is called an adaptive layout, (simply set the page width to 100%).


              However the page you link too was not created in Muse, and looking at the code appears to be an animations generator created page. Meaning that it is almost all css transform, transition, animations, with javascript, (possibly).


              I have seen similar pages created using Edge Animate, which is no longer available, (it produced very large file downloads). You could try using CC Animate, but having very little experience with that program, I cannot advise further, (maybe another Forum member can do so).


              There was some talk recently in the 'open to anyone' Dreamweaver 2017 Beta forum, about having such a feature for creating complexed animations, but it would not be for none coders, and would almost certainly no be included for a couple of years.

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                MP Stuttgart Level 1

                now, that was what i was searching for! But where can i set the page width to 100%? I only can type an amount of pixels but no %...?

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                  pziecina Level 6

                  I have come across a number of methods, e.g. -



                  The simplest method would be I think -

                  Go to "Page properties" select "Metadata" From Page properties and add the following code to HTML for <head> area -

                  width: 100%;


                  Remember though that anything you do with your page, that is pixel measurement based, will mean that it will not scale-to-fit the page size. However if you create your own css file and insert this into the head content, you can overwrite many properties and make your layout adaptive. This would require you to know css though, and if you do know enough css to do this, my preference would be to create your layout in Dreamweaver anyway.


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                    MP Stuttgart Level 1

                    Nice, thank you very much!!! Ill create my layout in DW then. Thanks for the fast answers!

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                      Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

                      Maybe I do not understand what's going on here (because of the language barrier). But I think that this discussion has gone into what the jungle.