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    Adding media to Premiere Elements 9


      Can anyone tell me why when I'm adding media to my project that it comes up with an error message - The importer reported a generic error? I have tried multiple songs to try with but it's the same error.This is also only when I use my new PC. This does not happen on my old laptop.


      Also when opening Priemere Elements 9 it comes up with - "A reduced set of content has been installed. You can install the full content by inserting your content DVD or downloading it. Do you want to install now." I have tried putting the disc in but nothing happens?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Premier Elements 9 is, in the software world, ancient.  It is not going to work well unless you have equally an equally ancient computer and camera.   Also important is the source of the songs.  Copy protection still lives strong!


          Good luck!  Version 9 may just be too old to work on a new computer.  

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Bill is right. The "additional content" the program refers to is no longer available since the program is nearly 6 years old.


            Try downloading the free trial of version 14 and see if it is able to do what you want to do.


            If it can, we can help you decide if you should upgrade or look for workarounds to make version 9 work. (Also note that version 9 requires you to set up a number of things manually while version 14 does most things automatically. It's well worth giving it a test drive.)