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    I have 2 folders with the same image

    thomasp87488530 Level 1

      I'm new to lightroom and have downloaded 7 years worth of photos. Prior to doing this mass download I had practiced setting up files and importing images into files. After I did the mass download I now have 2 folders with some of the same images. How do I remove the photos from one file and keep it in the other. When I remove the image it removes them from both files. Thank You

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          No image file are in LR. They are just referenced from where they are stored on your hard drive into the LR database file, the catalog file. So if you have the same image showing in LR from 2 different folders on your drive then you have those same image in 2 different folders. Go to one of the folders using the File Manager program for your OS and remove, delete, move to the trash or recycle bin, the images that are duplicates from the other folder.


          You can also do this in LR by displaying the contents of both folder and selecting one of the duplicate images then right click on one of the selected images and select Remove Images. then Delete from disk at the next dialog box.