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    Two probably idiotic questions

      I'm working through various Director tutorials and I can do most of the things, but there are what should be two very simple things to do, that for the life of me I just can't work out.

      When you're making buttons your told to write 'Beep' insine onMouseUp and End to make a beep sound. But this just doesn't work for me. Anything else I put here works no problem, including sound files, but it just won't beep.

      The other problem is the buttons themselves.
      I can attach code to any object and have it act as a button, but when I apply the same code to an actual designated button it does nothing. It higlights in green slightly but doesn't perform the action.
      I thought 'd sorted the problem earlier by using the button from the classic tools mode rather than the default, but looking back now that doesn't seem to do much either.

      I don't know what mistakes I'm making here, but I just can't get some of the very basics working.
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          The lingo beep command invokes the system's beep sound, rather than
          reling on a sould member.

          you can invokd it in the message window by entering


          That same system beeps when the alert is called, to try it enter in
          message window.

          alert "Hi"

          You have to take care when more than one behavior is assigned to a
          sprite, if your existing button has an animation behavior that makes it
          change states than a separate behavior's on mouseUp handler may be
          overidden by the the on mouseUp in the other behavior.

          IF you do have a behavior conflict, sometimes changing their order in
          the bahavior inspector using the up down arrows can fix things by
          changing the execution order of the behaviors.
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            Hi Scifo,

            To answer your second question - why your buttons won't work. It sounds like you're
            using Flash Component buttons. This happens when creating them from the Tool
            Pallette with either 'default' or 'flashcompent' showing at the top (you can click
            the arrow next to the name to change the view mode). If you have 'Classic' for your
            Tool Palette options, then the button you can create will be the old style so will
            not give the same results and problem.

            Now, the above does not mean Flash compomnent buttons don't work, it's just that
            the default setting as their behaviors set to be inactive. You can change this by
            selecting the Flash Component button, and in the Property Inspection, in the Flash
            Component tab, look at the bottom for the 'eventPassMode' property. It will be set
            to '#passNever' by default. Change it to '#passAlways' and the behaviors that you
            attach to this button will now work.


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              Hi again,

              By the way, sounds like the tutorial you're having problems with is mine. And your
              issue is a common problem. So definitely not a stupid question, just something I
              haven't clariified in the tutorial. So, I apologise for not giving sufficient
              information. I will try cange that tutorial. I hope the tutorials are valuable. If you
              have any feedback or questions on my tuts, feel free to email me at d.utian@unsw.edu.au


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