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    Buying Photoshop for a class of students




      I am a comics class teacher, and want to buy a subscription for a group of students.


      I am somewhat confused by the subscription system.

      A basic photo package that costs around 100 Nok would be more than enough, but I cannot find an option to buy 10 licences to distribute in class.

      There is the option to buy "one program" for buisnesses, but that costs almost 50% more, which amounts to a fair deal when multiplied by the number of students.


      It seems as though the student version requires the students themselves to subscribe and pay, which creates somewhat of an administrative nightmare if we are to refund every student for each month,


      The subscription should also be for 9 months, not one year. Reckon it can be cancelled after 9 months as long as I have monthly payments?


      I tried calling the norwegian hotlines for help, in work hours, but none of the numbers worked. They just emitted an annoying beeping noise, or I was told the number was not in use.


      Crossing my fingers that there is some smart solution to this, that has eluded me.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards

      Johann Grimstvedt
      Buskerud Fylkeskommune.