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    Cannot cancel, or submit support email!


      Why in the world doesn't Adobe offer email based support?!?


      I started a chat window and there appears to be a not enough adobe staff to support the need for chat support. Considering the time - understandable, but why can I not send an email to support? It lists "phone" and "chat" and tells me that I cannot  use phone.


      My problem: I thought I canceled my membership, but apparently adobe thinks I have not, and is trying to charge me - but I have never entered a valid credit card. It turns out I did not use the service so I did not want to continue my trial to a full membership. (I didn't even take advantage of the free photos). It is the first day of the next month today.


      What I need: the charge removed, and my membership canceled. (By the way I can NOT cancel my membership while a charge exists on my account).


      And WHILE I WAS TYPING THIS a chat support staff came online and expected me to be staring at the chat window, came on for like 4 minutes and didn't wait and CANCELED my chat after not showing up for over 30 minutes. EXTREMELY frustrating.


      Thanks for your help.