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    Text box in placed InDesign file immune to cropping

    andrewb38571671 Level 1

      I created a map in InDesign, placed it into another InDesign file as a graphic and then cropped it down to just show a portion. When I export the file, one of the text labels from the placed graphic extends outside the frame it was cropped to. Every other item is cropped.


      I copied this one text label out into its own brand new file, changed to a default font (Minion), and placed this document in another brand new InDesign document, cropping it about half way down. Exported to PDF, and it exports uncropped like in my original.


      I then placed it a few more times on the page at different sizes. I found that at 100% and 58% it wouldn't crop, but at 211% and 855% it cropped as it should, as you can see below:


      I thought maybe 100% and below was the key point at which it didn't work, but at 101% it didn't crop either so it's somewhere between 101 and 211% by the look of it. Original map file is placed at about 80%.


      Anyone know what's going on? InDesign CC 2015 ( on Windows (and also tried on ID 2014 with same result)