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    Continuous delivery vs. recurring delivery

    SusannaS Level 1



      Could you please help me with this: What is the difference between continuous delivery activity and recurring delivery activity? Can both be used to send SMS-deliveries?


      Thank you in advance for your reply.




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          SusannaS Level 1

          ...to explain a bit more: I have a welcome program where I want to send the new customers an e-mail and an SMS within a day from purchase. I use the incremental query activity to start the workflow. Which delivery activity should I choose - continuous or recurring delivery - in this situation?

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            Linda Stinson Adobe Employee

            Hi Susanna,


            The difference between a continuous delivery and a recurring delivery is in the way that the results are managed. A Continuous delivery will create a single delivery and add Delivery logs (broadlogs) and Tracking logs on to that same delivery each time that the activity executes. The Recurring delivery will create a new Delivery each time that that the activity executes. So for example, if you run the workflow once a week, you would end up with 52 deliveries after a year if you used a Recurring delivery activity.