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    PGB support for iOS 10 upcoming release

    mkih40437034 Level 1


      i would like to ask if PGB (iOS platform 4.2.0/CLI 6.3.0) would support the iOS 10 upcoming release which would be released this week, because i would like to make an app release right after iOS 10 release. Thank you in advance.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          iOS isn't out of beta yet, and as such, is not officially supported. Support for a platform usually comes fairly quickly after the final release, but this varies by release (depending upon what things the new release breaks).


          As to timing of the release, I expect the following:


          - Apple releases iOS 10 GM Sept 7; this release can submit to the App Store

          - Apple releases iOS 10 to public Sept 14


          Note: I have no inside knowledge on this; just history to go by. If this changes, then everything below will change by similar measure as well.


          I would not expect official Cordova support until iOS is released to the public, which would imply some time on or after Sept 14. I don't know how many days it will be between Sept 14 and a Cordova release that officially supports iOS 10, BUT, in my testing thus far, iOS 10 and Cordova have been getting along pretty well even without official support. There are some quirks (when are there never any?), but my apps still build and don't crash, which is always a good thing. So my guess is official Cordova support will come pretty quickly.


          Now, PhoneGap Build tends to take a little longer after that to catch up. I have no idea when PGB will officially support iOS 10, but it will likely be sometime after Cordova officially supports it.


          My suggestion for now:


          - Test your apps against iOS 10b8 (and GM when it drops)

          - If they work, great! I doubt much, if anything, will change between b8, GM, and final release.

          - If they don't work, seach Cordova's issues to see if there's a workaround or fix available. If no issue is available, report a bug so that the dev team can address it.

          - Unless your app depends upon iOS 10 features for some reason, if it's ready for release, go ahead and do so. DON'T mention iOS 10 support even if your app is working under iOS10b8 -- sometimes Apple rejects submissions because of that. (And sometimes they don't; it's a crapshoot. Better safe than sorry.)

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            mkih40437034 Level 1

            Thank you for your detailed reply. I'm just wondering if i would be able to submit my app binary using PGB 6.3.0 (iOS 4.2.0 platform) when iOS 10 gets released because i can remember that you have to update to the latest XCode (and cordova/PGB as well) in order to submit apps when a new release of XCode goes out. Btw, my app doesn't depend on any iOS 10 features yet.

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              kerrishotts Adobe Employee

              So, you only need the most recent version of Xcode if you intend on building against iOS 10. Since you aren't, you can get away with Xcode 7.3.1 or the equivalent Application Loader to submit to the app store. Apple does eventually phase out older versions of Xcode/Application Loader, but 7.3.1 should be fine at least until Xcode 9 next year.

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                mkih40437034 Level 1

                Alright, so i hope everything would be fine when i'll submit my app builded with PGB and uploaded with the latest Application Loader when iOS 10 is out.