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    Datamerge with Facing pages

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      i just opened an old Job where we had a Brochure with a few facing pages that has been personalized using a .csv file and DataMerge.


      for some reason if i try to do it again in our current InDesign CC 2015.4 Version it's all messed up.


      And with messed up i mean that for each "Row" of the .CSV i get an correct output in my .pdf file BUT every page for EVERY row is doubled 1x publicated with data and 1x blank.


      So it's like this:

      Page 1 - with Data

      Page 1 - without Data

      Page 2 - with Data

      Page 2 - without Data

      Page 3 - with Data

      Page 3 - without Data

      Page 4 - with Data

      Page 4 - without Data


      this repeats for every row of the .CSV.


      I do NOT have this kind of Problem when iam using single pages (sadly it's not how the brochure was sad up and it would be a lot of work to change as every page has an image across both pages + Text across both pages)


      If i generate an InDesign file first and go from there it works but the generated output .pdf is very large compared to the directly generated .pdf file.


      I hope this is not too confusing - Is this a known bug?

      Any idea how i could fix this easily?