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    Clicking on logo to change picture behind it



      I want to build a simple web page with muse- the page has a logo in the middle. The logo is made up of 4 rectangular parts, each of a different color. Clicking on each part changes the background to a different image. So basically a very simple image map, with no polygons.

      The page DOES NOT need to be responsive (it'll be shown in a set resolution of 1920*1080). The image is full screen, but since the page isn't responsive it does not need to be defined as a "background" image necessarily - it's just sized to 1920*1080 so as to fill the screen.

      At this point, that's all there is to the page- no other texts or anything else.

      I used the composition widget and placed each part of the logo in a trigger. Each trigger has a target of an 1920*1080 rectangle filled with the required image- 4 different images, 1 rectangle per target. I marked the "Triggers on top" option in the composition options.

      When previewing the page, the logo (=triggers) shows alright but it's not clickable and the targets won't show.

      What am I missing here?

      It should be quite simple but somehow it doesn't work...

      Thanks for your help