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    Web-Based Rich Text Editor


      We have an in-house application that currently has an online Help module, but our Customer Support staff cannot stand the web-based Rich Text editor that we selected. Their content loses formatting when copy/pasting from -- say, MS Word into the RT Editor.

      Does RoboHelp have an RT editor that can be integrated into an existing system like the many HTML/JS RT editors out there?


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi al and welcome to our community

          RoboHelp doesn't offer a RT editor that can be used by contributors. However, you may wish to investigate the Contribute product.

          Additionally, I believe fellow ACE Peter Grainge has information on his site about using this product with RoboHelp.

          Click here to visit Peter's Contribute page

          Cheers... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            If your output is something that is used by the Support staff, the method on my site is not really suited to them editing that output as you need to provide the source for editing. However, you could have two locations. One with the output which they use read only. The other being the tweaked copy of the source that I describe. They would edit that copy and you would get a notification.

            You could then accept the change and copy the file back to the true source. It's not 100% perfect but for my purposes where large scale editing by others is involved, it saves me lots of work.

            Try it with the 30 day evaluation copy before you commit.
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              mrdaws Level 1
              Thanks, RoboWizard & Peter!

              I was afraid you guys would say that! I may be in touch later as it sounds like they (we) are going forward with the RoboHelp purchase. I was just trying to get a headstart on a solution.

              Thanks for the replies!