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    Importing GoPro clips in Premiere Elements 14


      When I tried to ADD MEDIA using the ELEMENTS ORGANIZER all the thumbnails were black.  When I chose one I could open it but in the dialog that comes up to let you choose the IN and OUT points all frames of the video were still black.  If I open the ORGANIZER directly all the GoPro MP4 clip thumbnails were also black but the videos would play in ORGANIZER.  I searched these forums and found a suggestion to change the file extensions from MP4 to MOV.  I did that.  First I did it for one clip only and went through the processor trying to ADD MEDIA in PE.  I had a thumbnail and I could see the video to set the IN and OUT points.  I then converted all the files using a command line (ren *.MP4 *.MOV).  Afterwards the clips will not open in ORGANIZER at all and there are no thumbnails, only icons (I added the "new" files first.  In PREMIERE ELEMENTS when I ADD MEDIA using the organizer there are messages instead of thumbnails with an orange triangle.  When I try to open one I get an error that says "This type of file is not supported or codec is not installed."  Note that I can open and play the renamed files in VLC player.  If I try to open the files via ADD MEDIA and just opening a folder, I actually see the thumbnails but cannot open the file.


      I do not want to reduce all these clips using GoPro Studio.  I have almost 20 hours of video in 400 files to reduce down to 3 minutes.


      Configuration:  New Windows 10 PC 64-bit, latest i7 processor, 32Gb RAM, very little software installed so far.  Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements and Organizer.