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    Object disappears when i attach


      hey guys, im new to AE and i am having an issue with something and i hope you can help out, i don't know what to call it so i was having trouble searching the forums for the solution, here goes. I camera tracked my footage, one of the layers i am trying to parent to a null disappears when i pig whip the properties to the nulls properties. the null is still in place and visible but the actual layer i want is now gone. if i un parent the layer it returns. I've tried it with a null and a solid and it does the same thing, i'm hoping this is an easy fix cause its really frustrating me. thanks in advance

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like a workflow problem. The procedure is to perform the Camera Tracking, set an origin and ground plane, Add a camera and a null or solid or text. When you get to that point and you want to position a new layer at the same point as the null you make that layer a 3D layer (which may remove it from view) then hold down the shift key and parent the layer to the Null. This will snap the new 3D layer to the same position, orientation, rotation and scale as the null. Once you have done this you can remove the parenting. Camera tracking only adds keyframes and orientation data to a camera. All of the layers, nulls and text you add using Camera Tracking are must positioned in 3D space. They have no animation attached.


          I suggest that you type Camera Tracking in the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE and carefully read the help files and then look at a couple of tutorials so you can figure out how to use this tool in the right way.

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            raidern72125479 Level 1

            thank you, i followed your directions and they worked perfectly, you are a savoir.