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    iPhoto albums (not events) in to Lightroom CC.


      All attempts to search for the answer to my question just result in people mixing and matching terminology, so I've been unable to find a solution to the actual problem I have despite searching.


      When I try to import my JPGs from iPhoto to Lightroom, it brings across my events perfectly.  This is fine.  All searches I've performed on my issue, only seem to point to solutions to acheive this much which has not been a problem at all.  What I'm having trouble with though, is bringing across my albums (not events) from iPhoto.


      Yes, the photos are in the events too, but the events are almost if not completely daily items, split automatically by the program into one event per day, from 2008 onwards.  I am _NOT_ manually going through those.


      I have albums for photos, shoots, events etc that are actually meaningful to me and I like to look back on.  Some spread across multiple iPhoto events.  These albums are named and sorted in meaningful ways so they can be located easily.  Getting these in to Lightroom has proven to be a struggle.


      Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can get my iPhoto albums (not just the full list of events) and their meaningful organisation out of iPhoto and in to Lightroom?