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    Premier Elements 11 Wont Launch - Work Domain

    Tom Dollow

      Good afternoon Guys and Gals,


      I have just installed Premier Elements 11 onto a work laptop, as per the request of one of our staff.  They have stated that previously after they left our domain [i.e. working from home or from a hotspot] Elements 11 would not launch.  However as soon as they return it launches without fault. Same issue on LAN as with WIFI.


      I have the laptop in front of me, and wondered if it was an administrative error, so I reinstalled the product under the staff members profile and the same thing happens.


      The product is in licence and we have deactivated all other iterations on all other laptops regarding PE11 to make sure there are no other clashes.


      I am not too sure what to check next.


      Kind regards