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    Can I "export" a synced catalog from Adobe's storage, to use on a new desktop?


      Hi all,


      I recently lost all of my files from my computer, including my previously synced lightroom catalog.  I noticed that I still have access to it online with with the online client...and I can even undo edits, re-crop, etc.!  It seems like the entire edit history is stored, as if the entire catalog was available.  I can also still edit all my photos on my mobile device as if the catalog was still completely available, with edit history and the ability to re-crop, and all of the things I had expected.  I also had access to all the tags, flags, and meticulous collection sorting I had done.


      The catalog is "there", online, it seems...but is there any way for me to get it back on my new desktop?  I can download a catalog file with all of the necessary data files and just load it on my desktop lightroom?  There doesn't seem to be any way to export.  I don't want to just export the edited JPG's themselves...I'd like to keep the edit history and the ability to re-crop, etc.; is this possible?


      If I just downloaded the jpeg's and re-added them, I'd lose:


      • Edit history
      • Original files
      • Tags, flags, other metadata
      • Extremely meticulous/complex sorting of files in collections that would take days or weeks to re-do.


      At this point, this really seems like my only option?


      I feel like exporting the catalog should be possible, because all of this data is available online and on my mobile device.


      Is there any way I can somehow export them from the web client?  Is there any way I can maybe "export" a catalog from the mobile client, which clearly has access to all of the cloud data?  If I make an edit on my mobile client, it is synced to the web client, as well, so I'm guessing that the information is all there too.  Can my mobile client export a catalog file?


      I normally back up all my data.  I had sort of assumed that syncing to Adobe here with my lightroom collection would be a responsible way to backup my lightroom catalog in case of data loss, and because I could see the catalog online and on mobile, I had believed that this was a fair assumption


      Thanks for the help