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    link-to file; choose launching app

      I have a very large .jpg (5mb).....I'd like for my .chm to have a link that, when clicked, will open that image file in the user's default picture application...... similar to how a .ppt link launches powerpoint....... is there a way to do this?
      Any advise appreciated!
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          (and might this have anything to do with the "shortcut command".....?)
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            Hi scata,

            You could use a shortcut command but you would need to know the application they use. If the browser doesn't recognize a file type it will query Windows for a file registration and use that application to open a file but the browser has built-in capability to show ,jpg so you can't just link to the file, you need to specifically call the application you need.

            Your problem is that you don't know what applications are on the user's machine, right? It is probably possible, with a script, to find the user's default application but I don't know how to do this and whenever I try things like this, I run into security settings problems that result in inconsistent performance on a machine by machine basis. So it will be tricky but perhaps someone out there has a script...

            Next question - Why do you want to do this? Is there a problem with the .chm displaying the .jpg? I would suspect it displays with scroll bars but no zoom feature. It might be easier to build in your own zoom if that's what you feel you are missing.


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              Thanks for your response......
              it had been requested that the image open in its own application rather than the browsing window and that's why I was trying to do it that way....
              time being a major factor, I decided to save the jpg as a pdf and link to it that way, so it would launch in acrobat.... an acceptable (and simpler) alternative...........