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    Premiere elements 12 (project files will not load)


      I have all the files (video clips) in the same folder I have been using for a couple of years and nothing has changed except for the fact that I moved the files to a new drive on my pc. Now only a third of the files will load into my saved projects.  I have tried moving them back to the previous drive but the problem remains. The individual files (video clips) work fine, but they no longer load into my software like it used to.  A drop down menu with a message "Where is the file" appears.  Next the project loads with the work I did but no video clips....just a message on the screen that says media offline.  It can't recognize the file anymore?   Did the move somehow change a pathway or something?  The file is on my pc....I'm looking at it....it's there and works....but the software no longer wants to use it.  A lot of work has been lost. Please help.