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    Opacity box enlarges when selecting a text box


      I recently upgraded my operating system from 10.6.8 to 10.11.6.

      I've kept Acrobat 9.5, because I like the arrangement of tools much better than in later versions.


      However, with the later OS a new problem emerges. When I have the Properties Bar displayed and click on a text box or callout box, all the second row tools stay the same size but the opacity box becomes 10 times larger! The ribbon containing it increases as well. Even when there's no current selection, once the Opacity box balloons it stays gigantic throughout the work on that pdf.


      This causes the whole page to jump around while I wait for it to settle down.


      I know of three other people who have had this problem, so I'm hoping that others have found a solution. I've explored removing the opacity box but can't see how to do that; the properties bar seems on/off, no customization.


      Thanks for your help.