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    Telugu fonts in InDesign CS6 or CC

    rutwick Level 1

      hi there,

      i have been trying to use Telugu (Indian language) Fonts in InDesign cs6 and cc but failed. previously im an Pagemaker 6.5 user and there is a company which provided software call "ANU" which activates different telugu keyboards and provides  fonts, which worked well for PM 6.5. But as i have shifted to InDesign that software no longer supports InD cs6 or cc. i have contacted Anu company, regarding the compatibility, and they are planning for updates in a year or two. so what im asking is there any way that i can use telugu fonts in InDesign ? (my pc info: win7, software InDesign cs6 and cc)

      this is the anu website and fonts list Anu Information Technologies Pvt Ltd | Languages | Telugu

      sorry for my english !!