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    (Mac) InDesign placed jpegs are pixelated on external non-retina screen


      Hello dear community,


      I have a 15" retina macbook pro with an attached 24"-FullHD (1920x1080) screen.

      When I work on the internal retina-screen on an InDesign-Document where I have placed bitmaps / Jpegs, everything looks fine and the JPEGs get displayed perfectly, also when I zoom in or out.

      When move the InDesign-Window to my bigger external Monitor (that is a NON-retina-screen) the following problem occurs:

      - Jpegs will be displayed correct only when zoom is set to 75%, any other zoom looks VERY pixelated

      - vector graphics look fine

      - gui looks fine


      Just the Bitmaps break and get extremely pixelated. This same behavior is true for Illustrator or Sketch.

      If I open the same Bitmap in Preview and scale it to the same size, it looks fine/way better!

      Also Photoshop is able to show bitmaps on both screens smooth in any zoom-level.


      Is there any problem for the named application to deal with non-retina external screens on retina-macbooks?


      note: Yes I have Preview set to "high quality", also via right-click-menu specified specifically for this jpeg. It does not change the mentioned behavior.