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    Cannot connect to activation server




      So, I purchased an eBook yesterday that is, apparently, only available to be read with Digital Editions.  I downloaded the app to my phone, created an Adobe account to authorize it, and was able to access the book on my phone.


      Now I want to access it on my computer as well.  So I downloaded the latest version on Digital editions, 4.5.2.., and tried to authorize it using the Adobe account I created on my phone.  I keep getting the error message that it can't connect to the activation server, and to check that my computer is connected to the internet (which it definitely is).


      I even tried with the authorizing without an account, to see if that would work, and I get the same error message.


      There is NO Adobe account already associated with the software, since it was a new download, and there is no account to de-authorize first.


      Does anyone have any advice on how to continue?


      (And this, by the way, is one of the many reasons on why I prefer physical books to eBooks)