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    Problems with cloneModelFromCastMember

      I have a somewhat of a problem with cloneModelFromCastMember(). Basically what I want to do is copying a deformed plane I'm making from one cast member to another.
      The problem however is that the plane becomes completely plain.

      The following image shows the result of these lines:

      tname = "HeightmapMirror"
      tworld = member("3dWorld")
      tworld.cloneModelFromCastMember(tname, "terrainMdl", tworld)


      I am aware that I'm cloning and inserts the model into the same member, however the result becomes the same if I were to switch to another target. As for example:
      member("MirroredWorld").cloneModelFromCastMember(tname, "terrainMdl", tworld)

      If you need more information, just ask. Or use the following links to view the source code.
      Creation and the deformation of the plane:
      The moviescript. Where the cloning occurs.

      Anyone got any clues what I'm doing wrong?