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    Premiere pro cc Red Dragon 6k footage edit system build

    pannafilms Level 1

      Hi i am making a movie,shot with red dragon 6k about 2 hour footage- i want to edit it in premiere pro cc,i want to build a system for premiere and speed grade now, can anyone pls tell me what to buy like gpu,processor,hdd,cpu cooler etc,.....its urgent requirement

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          first big thing you need to be aware of is speedgrade is basically dead. its not official, but ever since adobe bought it from iridas they have neglected updating it and recently even disabled the adobe dynamic link functionality between premiere and speedgrade. they have been taking parts of speedgrade and using it in other adobe software, so it appears that they are treating it like a car and stripping it for parts and then junking it. so if you need a modern and serious color grading program, you may want to look at davinci resolve. that then opens the door of just editing in davinci resolve to avoid problems of moving the project/timeline between premiere and davinci resolve. if you want to use speedgrade, there are some workarounds people in the speedgrade forum have been using to fix/trick the dynamic link, or you could also use an older version of premiere and speedgrade. i believe speedgrade still only works with one gpu and has limited native codec support. i don't remember if speedgrade will natively open red dragon footage or requires premiere pro direct link. if you want to edit in premiere and only plan on minor color corrections and grading, then you might want to stick with lumetri color in premiere and/or third party color plugins for premiere.



          for a premiere pro build, i would at least go with the 8 core i7-6900k, but the 10 core i7-6950x is better if you can afford it. the i7's need to be overclocked to 4ghz+ for best performance. if you don't want to overclock and/or want more cores, a fast xeon is another option. 64gb of ram, around ddr4-3000 speeds would be good for the i7's. cpu cooler, noctua d15s is good for low to medium overclocking, high to extreme overclocking may be better with a 280mm liquid aio cooler.


          for gpu, it depends which program(s) you will be using, how much color correction/grading, and any features/plugins like noise reduction. a single gtx 1080 may work for most situations or a gtx 1070 if budget requires. davinci resolve can use alot of gpu power and depending on what is being done might like a titan xp (pascal version) or dual gtx 1080. the paid version of davinci resolve is required for multiple gpu's, as the free version is limited to a single gpu.


          for storage, some programs like premiere can use a single sata ssd for os/apps and cache. some programs will use cache differently and may benefit from a dedicated cache ssd, or using a faster ssd like the samsung 950 pro m.2 to hold os/apps and cache. the projects/media drive will depend on how much space you need for your footage. a m.2 ssd is going to be the fastest, but are expensive and currently limited in capacity with the samsung 950 pro at 512gb m.2 and the toshiba/ocz RD400 at 1tb. depending how much space you need, you might be able to use one or more m.2 drives and manually spread media across them. it would depend on the motherboard and pcie m.2 adapters for how many m.2 drives it can handle. if you want cheaper storage and/or larger drives, you may want to raid several samsung 850 evo drives. a hardware raid controller will perform better and have more raid options. motherboard raid will be ok for raid-0 with just a few drives. just a reminder, make sure all the footage is backed up or multiple copies in multiple locations for safe keeping.



          you may also want to read these puget articles and some of the many build threads this forum.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            If you really want a great editing computer designed for you media and workflow check with @Eric Bowen at ADK.  They offer lifetime technical support with their computers.

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              pannafilms Level 1

              Hi roninedits, Is this is the right configuration - i7 5960x,mother board - Asus x99 deluxe 2,ram 32gb 2400mhz, i am using(premiere pro cc) lumetri color to color grade and I am confusing very much about graphic card what to choose for my red dragon 6k footage movie editing - 980ti or 1080 especially for red edit playback or I want to go titan.....pls suggest me very urgent. ......thanks

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                the 5960x was replaced by the 6900k, which is slightly faster. i would get faster memory, closer to ddr4-3000. which video card depends on how many gpu fx and color fx you plan on using, and which programs. if you are only using premiere pro the gtx 1080 should be ok.

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                  pannafilms Level 1

                  Hi roninedits,thanks I am getting 6900k and ddr4- 3000 ,Asus x99 deluxe 2 motherboard and I am using the softwares like after effects,adobe premiere pro cc,3dsmax....that's it.I am going with gtx 1080,is it OK for r3d 6k footage?

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                    RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                    the gtx 1080 should be enough for premiere to handle 6k r3d with gpu fx and lumetri color (or other third party color plugins). AE doesn't use the video card as much as premiere, so its fine there. if you are using a gpu renderer for 3dsmax (something like octane), then you might have to figure out how much power you want for that. some gpu renderers can use multiple video cards, so if you decide you want more power for the gpu renderer you might be able to add another gtx 1080, now or later.


                    also, make sure you get a quality power supply around 1000w and a case with good air flow. corsair rmx, rmi, ax and evga g2, p2, t2 are some good options for power supplies.