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    InDesign breakdowns when trying to establish cross-reference to self-defined headline normal?



      perhaps I am trying to do something what is not possible.

      Instead of using the predefined formats I have established a system of self-defined formats, instead of h1, h2 etc. I use 01_1UERRSCHRIFT1, 01_2UEBERSCHRIFT2, etc.

      However, now I want to establish cross-references to headlines of these formats.

      Should this work or are cross-references only possible to standard formats?

      Having opened the window / palette TYPE/TABLE - SCHRIFT/TABELLE (I'm not shore about the term in english version), I selected cross-reference to 01_UEBERSCHRIFT1. Below you see the situation before breakdown.

      This produced 4 beakdowns of InDesign CC with latest update, after which I had a break.

      I suppose I still should define a format for the cross-reference. But I had no chance to do so, for once I had chosen 01_1UEBERSCHRIFT1 breakdown had arrived.


      I'll be very happy to have your helping answer.

      Best regards from Lake Constance