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    Recorded head position, eyebrows and eye gaze, but can't record mouth.

    bradleyh15405682 Level 1

      Hi ya,


      I'm back again with another problem. So I've managed to record the head position, eye gaze, eyebrows and the body. I took the correct advice from a fellow forum user to record the individual face components and thought i would save the mouth until last, like his smile and surprised mouth. I tried to use the same method, add a new face behaviour, deselect the previous face behaviour i recoded but the mouth was unresponsive until i arm all 5 face behaviours. Then if i do a recording it adds a block to each face behaviour, overpowering the previous recordings of the eyebrows etc. when i tried to delete any block so i was just left with the smiles and surprised the mouth don't work at all unless all blocks are present. So was i mistaken to leave the smiles until last? should i have done them with the head position? Really don't wanna have to all the head stuff again so it would be great if i don't have to. i hope I'm just doing it wrong and someone can't point me in the right direction again. Thanks


      P.S I have lip-synced the dialect and just want him to smile and look surprised every now and then.