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    GTX 1080 make After Effects and Premiere A LOT slower compared to my old GTX 680

    FuurioBR Level 1

      I know that Adobe doesn't support raytraced / CUDA with the newer cards and some older too.
      I didn't like it but I can live with this.
      But for some reason, everything in After Effects and Premiere got really slow since I installed the GTX 1080.
      I don't know it it has something to do with the driver that is compatible with this GPU or it could be an issue with CUDA 8, or even Adobe messed up things and being lazy they forgot to add support for GPU acceleration. Playback and editing is slower than Windows Movie Maker, really.


      It simply take seconds to update the frame, without any effect at all.
      Premiere that used to be really fast can't even play in realtime like before.


      I'll have to upgrade my CPU because of this problem, and I think that even doing this I'll not get the same performance I was getting before, or at least not much faster.


      Is there a solution? Is it a known issue? It has something to do with Drivers? Cuda 8? Optix.1.dll? After Effects CC 2015 / 2015.3 ?
      I can't work because of this...