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    Watermark Editing and Moving Lightroom Catalog Folders

    DustinF00 Level 2

      Some how when I move catalog folders to other hard drives and then open the catalog --> Lightroom will miss or not load the watermark files.


      I have a number of watermarks set up and when I go into the watermark settings in Lightroom, the names of the saved watermarks are there - listed - but the graphic - which is saved in the same place in the settings folder in the lightroom catalog directory won't show.


      So while in the watermarks editor - I can reload the graphics file but I CANNOT save the watermark settings any longer as the same name - I want to overwrite the setting - but Lightroom forces me to choose a new name...


      What is happening here and is there a FAQ that explains why settings files are saved in all sorts of files - for example some presets are saved in the Windows App Data folder while others are saved in the Lightroom catalog folder but its never clear to make them always the same place - incase you want to move the catalog?