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    Does IE suck, or do I?

      OK, so site is built. Testing has begun. Many sighs of relief on FireFox & Safari. However, the community of IE users is big, and sadly, my movies don't function properly. Some issues:

      Home Movie loads an image transition (aniMask_mc) when navigation calls a page:

      // nav_button action

      on (release) {
      movNum = "pageName";

      // aniMask_mc fades in. on frame 10, image is full opacity with a stop(); and the following:

      _root.viewer_mc.loadMovie(movNum, 1);

      // now, each page that could be loaded into viewer_mc has the following action to be called when loaded


      Ok, so this should hide the viewer window to load a movie behind it. Once the movie loads, the aniMask_mc should fade out, revealing the new page below it. Sometimes I will load the webpage on IE & the aniMask_mc will continously play with no regard to the stop(); actions that are within it's timeline. So the navigation will still pass movNum variables to the aniMask_mc and the proper page will load, but the aniMask_mc will continually fade in and out so you the page below it won't function. If I let my browser sit and reload the page a couple of times, it will eventually work (sometimes).

      No problems like this in FF or Safari.

      ALSO (oh yes, there's more)

      In IE, some pages loaded into the viewer_mc will also load movies within themselves. Or at least they should. Two pages ("who we are" and "designers") are small, small files with only a text movie loaded in, but still they will either not load (aniMask_mc will got to frame 10, stop, and then sit at full opacity) or they will eventually load the background page, but the text movies within will not load.

      The most frustrating thing, is all these behaviors within IE happen randomly and not the same from visit to visit or computer to computer.

      What gives? Is this a combo of a cache issue and poor Flash <> IE communication?

      Please check this out & give feedback: