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    How to get individual form fields to have value N/A if left unfilled?

    damian a.

      I'm looking for some guidance as to whether Javascript is needed in the following situation, and whether there is a solution to solve the problem.


      Currently I am using Zapier, Webmerge, and several types of form builders to populate a fillable PDF form. It is necessary for the pdf to have several of the fields filled in with "N/A" if the fields are otherwise left blank after the information inputed via the form builders is piped through Zapier and Webmerge.


      Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC I have opened the fillable PDF I've used with the Webmerge and clicked on Prepare Forms > target form field > Options Tab, and then typed N/A into the default field. This does not bring about the necessary result.


      I suspect Javascript is needed. Does anyone have any ideas for how to proceed? I am stumped.