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    Setting the browsers window size in Flash

      How do I make it so that when the user goes to my site the flash movie that I created shows up in just an 800x600 window? Is this an actionscript command done right in flash or is it a code i have put into the html document?

      I also have another question. Why is it that my animations in the flash document appear to choppy when using the internet browser Firefox but it looks okay in Internet Explorer?

      Thanks for the help!!!
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          Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
          You need javascript to pull that one off, usually by opening another window with the flash content. Problem is that you're going to be blocked by pop-up blockers. That's why you find so many sites with an "ENTER" button, which then opens a differently sized browser window.

          Choppy performance in Firefox? Do you have the same plugin version in both browsers? Do you have other content outside Flash that needs to be loaded at the same time?