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    How do I access Import Dialog when it's hidden?

    redfishingboat Level 1

      In Lightroom 2015.6.1

      MacOS 10.11.6


      I drag some photos to Lightroom and the Import Dialog starts to open.

      I click to another app (by cmd-tab) while I wait for the Import Dialog to initialize

      I click back to LR (by cmd-tab) and the Import Dialog is hidden somewhere. I see the main LR window in Library mode.

      There is a status for Import Photos and Videos .. but of course it is not progressing because I have not clicked Import on the Import Dialog.


      I am stuck. I try to minimize and restore, but I still can't find the Import Dialog anywhere -- it does not show up in the Window menu.


      How can I get back to the Import Dialog when it is open but hidden?