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    Quicktime Movie

      I'm trying to get my director movie to jump to a different frame when a quicktime movie ends.
      It automatically plays when jumping to the frame the movie is on (which has a "go to the frame" script on) but when the movie has finished i cant seem to get it to go back to the frame i want it to (in this case frame 297).
      I searched through pages of this forum and tried a number of different methods but nothing seems to work.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Put this onto the QuickTime sprite (watch for inadvertent line wraps.
          The if..then line is all one big long line):

          on exitFrame me
          sprite(me.spriteNum).movieTime>=sprite(me.spriteNum.member.duration then
          go 297
          end if
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            Whoa. Too quick on the send button. I missed a parenthesis. Her is the
            corrected code:

            on exitFrame me
            if sprite(me.spriteNum).movieTime >=
            sprite(me.spriteNum).member.duration then
            go 297
            end if
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              MrMacey Level 1
              Thanks for the quick reply but it doesn't seem to like that...

              "ScriptError: Property Not Found

              if sprite(me.spriteNum).movieTime >= sprite(me.spriteNum).member.duration then


              I did replace spriteNum with the number of the sprite (25) but then it comes up with an error saying "One parameter expected". Sorry if I'm being stupid!
              Thanks again!!