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    Drag & drop text box from Word to InDesign


      What I need to do works fine on the Mac, but have just switched to Windows and am having problems.


      I need to drag whole text boxes from a Word .doc file into InDesign (it places them as an image), then scale them to the correct size. What I'm not trying to do is copy/paste editable text as formatting it would be too time consuming - there are lots of documents and text boxes!


      This works absolutely fine on the Mac, but in Windows, the resulting image has too much line spacing. Am I doing anything wrong here or is this a bug?





      PS - One possible workaround would be to reduce the line spacing in each text box in the word document before dragging it across. The result looks okay but it's going to add a lot more time to the job.


      The Word file has to be in .doc format - this doesn't seem to work at all from .docx

      Am running CS6 (8.1) and Office Professional Plus 2010.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of the Mac OS are you using?


          You could Place the Word text in a way that removes the Word formatting and then apply your Paragraph and Character styles.


          Lynda.com have a great in-depth online video tutorial devoted to using Word and InDesign together:

          Using Word and InDesign Together

          You can get a 10-day free trial of Lynda.com, so you can't lose!


          (I have no connection with Lynda.com!)

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            helenr5250251 Level 1

            We're running Windows 7


            When we were Mac-based, our approach to this wasn't elegant, but it was quick and 100% reliable without the need to proof-read. I was hoping to avoid copying & pasting text as there's a chance typos could creep in.


            Having said that, through gritted teeth I gave your suggestion a go... and it worked far better than I was expecting! Will still have to be mindful of typos but it's actually slightly quicker than the way I was doing it so it balances out.


            Thanks for the advice