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    Indesign Form, Exported as Interactive, frame colour issue


      On Mac OS 10.11.16, Indesign CC  (


      I have a form which I can't redesign the "look" of so I'm stuck with the way things are. This means that some form fields are created from a graphic frame with a 1pt border others are made from the combination of a static graphic frame with 1pt border and a blank (no fill or stroke) form field placed over them.


      Exactly the same colour is used for each graphic frame with the 1pt rule. Only difference is that one frame is static and the other is an editable text field. No effects, no overprint.


      The fields look noticeably different in Acrobat.


      Any ideas?


      Screenshot below - I know it's a fairly subtle difference but it's very annoying.

      Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 15.13.23.png