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    Lightroom photo import problem


      I have a problem importing photos from my Panasonic Lumix camera. This is a new problem, everything was working fine until my last successful import in May.

      In May I imported approx 1200 high rez JPEG's. No problems.

      Now here is what I am experiencing. When I try importing now, the import preview area shows boxes with no images… each box has the photo number under it as it should…however there are no images. I have done the following in an attempt to zero in on the issue.

      1- I have tried other memory cards using the same camera… no luck, same problem.

      2- I have downloaded the images to my desktop and put them into a folder, and then tried to import them to Lightroom from the folder. Same problem.

      3- I have tried memory cards from a Canon G1x … everything works perfectly…JPEGs and Raw files all import perfectly as they should and the preview images are there as they should be.

      4- I tried to drag the folder of photos into IPhoto… perfect. no problems.


      So it seems to be a camera issue… It is almost as though the Camera is writing these files in a language that Lightroom does not recognize.

      But everything was Ok in May when I imported before.

      Confused and looking for advise.