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    keithbuckley088 Level 1

      Hi, I am looking for some help I recently purchased an email from Enom for the domain name I currently have with them, I host with Adobe Business Catalyst and use the DNS servers to connect the domain name at Enom.  The email that I have is not receiving emails and I think it is because of the way I have it set up.  When I contacted Enom they said if I can get an IP address from BC then they will be able to to configure the email for me, I am struggling to find my IP address in BC, I would really appreciate some help as I am a bit of a newbie to this.

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          Prateek Aggarwal Adobe Employee



          Can you please provide me the site URL so that we can further look into it?


          Also let me know if you want to host the emails on BC, or you want to use external hosted emails for your domain?



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            If my domain is registered at XYZ registrar and I currently point my DNS to my BC account for website and email.... how can I keep my current email with BC but point my a records to a new test site on a different host?


            Meaning - I want to keep BC for my email accounts, but I want to have a new site on different hosting active.


            Is this possible, if so, how?


            1) Can I keep my DNS as is, but create a new A record in the BC settings?

            2) Can I point my DNS to BC while also pointing my A record to the new host from my domain provider?



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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You want to keep a CMS system and website system for just emails where you have NS records pointing to it from a domain host to then point just the web traffic back to something else to host a site on another service.


              Just go through the route steps your asking to do there and what your asking. You should see that even more then just odd.


              Get emails backed up, close the BC account and set things up properly and save money with a cheaper email service.