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    Subset of folders stored on hard drive suddenly missing in LR


      My pictures are stored on an external hard drive. My LR catalog is on my computer (a Macbook Pro). I upgraded from LR 5 to 6 about a month ago. No problems. I use LR a lot, and when I quit it, I always back up the catalog.


      For reasons that I don't at all understand, Lightroom is suddenly not showing any photo folders dating from February 2016. That is, photos that I imported before then are all present and accounted for. But all the photos that I imported (and edited!) from February to the present are missing from the Library. I checked the hard drive, and the picture files are still there.


      Obviously I do not want to re-import the missing photos (thousands of them) and lose all my edits.  And I can't ask Lightroom to find the missing photos because they don't appear in the Library. I am therefore at a loss as to what to do.