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    New sub forum for JS, HTML5 canvas, and such queries?

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      I have received requests from a few of you here about the requirement for a subforum that will address questions related to technology such as HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, ActionScript, and so on. My initial resistance to such a forum has been based on experience. Every year, when we look at our participation numbers, we see that the number keeps dwindling for subforums over a period of time leading to their removal or their merger with the parent forum.


      This is not to say that I am altogether against trying out a subforum for Adobe Animate that will answer questions related to technology.  Considering that we do implement this proposal, here are the following things I need your help with.


      - For some time at least, or until the sub forum becomes popular, we will have to keep moving posts from the parent forum

      - I will need some eyes from the top contributors here on the subforums to ensure that queries are being responded to

      - I will need a name for the subforum that clearly relects its intention and purpose.


      After we have a discussion around these topics, I will proceed with implementing the more popular decision here. Let me know if that is OK with you.




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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6



          I think you should also publicise this on DW forum as well as DW users are also using these technologies so they too should contribute to this topic.


          Best regards,

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            Is the reference to ActionScript above a mistake? There's already an ActionScript forum.


            Since following multiple forums on Jive is a nuisance, I have no problem with Animate (AS) and Animate (Canvas) sharing a forum. The only problem is the users who post questions without specifying which document type they're talking about.


            Trying to mix Animate and Dreamweaver users together in the same forum would be a disaster. Animate JS/HTML5 questions are almost always within the context of the CreateJS framework.

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              just.emma Level 4

              I agree with all of this.


              If there's maybe a way to set things up so that when somebody starts a thread, there's a list of radio buttons where they have to select whichever document type they're asking about (HTML5 Canvas, AS3, AS2, WebGL, etc) I think that would be ideal to make things more clear for everyone.

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                Preran Adobe Employee

                There isn't anything within the current Jive framework that I know of through which we can enable this feature.

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                  heavyboots Level 2

                  Well, when I first tried to respond to this eons ago, it was Reply locked. Now that I have hit a quiet spell again, I finally dug back through my notifications though and found the post and am replying now. Hopefully it's not too late?


                  SUBFORUM RATIONALE: Mostly, I initially queried whether we would ever get an subforum for CreateJS (or HTML5 Canvas or whatever) based on the fact there are AS3 and AS2 subforums already. It only seems natural that since the code is completely different for an HTML5 Canvas target, it would need a similar subforum to discuss that code.


                  Additionally, I figured it would be good to collect all the questions and answers in their own subforum. It will make it much easier to search for keywords within that single subforum rather than trying to guess what they called the topic AND what you're searching for answers about. Plus, posts in a dedicated subforum would seem to have a much higher likelihood of being viewed by the appropriate people who are going to be able to give you good answers.


                  PARTICIPATION: To be brutally honest, I wouldn't mind helping out in this forum at all, but that is still contingent on if and when my company finally approves a full Animate CC license for me. I have finally overcome the last hurdle to making it tactically feasible to suggesting they buy me one and have submitted the request as of yesterday. Until such time as they do get one, I am not 100% sure I can be as useful/helpful as I would like though. You will see I used to be quite active in the InDesign Scripting forum back in the day though, under the handle Eric @ MCA, so when I'm using a skill a lot, I tend to frequent the forums quite a bit—both to keep my own skills from getting rusty and to learn new ideas.


                  NAMING: "CreateJS/HTLM5 Canvas" would probably be my suggestion (assuming it's a subforum of Animate CC so that it is obvious it's specifically for code that works with Animate CC). For that matter, you could even consider renaming the "Ads for Animate CC" (or whatever it's called) subforum too. My major issue with that naming is that I never even thought to visit it for CreateJS advice as it bears absolutely no resemblance to what I'm trying to accomplish with CreateJS and I had promptly assumed it would simply be a bunch of people trying to figure out how to get their 500x200 ads to link to some ad tracking cookie or whatever.


                  Thanks in advance!


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                    Preran Adobe Employee

                    Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I request all of you to give me time to get this done. I am busy with getting ready for Adobe MAX (Nov 1- Nov 5). I will work on this request as soon as I return.


                    I do hope that your company's decison goes in Animate's favour.

                    Do give me a nudge, or bump this post if I forget.