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    Unable to Drag and Drop Text Doc Into Repeat Grid

    seahawksean80 Level 1

      I've created a list of labels that I would like to drop into a repeat grid to simultaneously update image labels within the grid but I am unable to get it to work despite following the same steps as the video tutorial.  I was able to get a group of images to auto-populate the grid but not the text for some reason.


      The text file is just a TextEdit file of plain text in a vertical list.  I click on the repeat grid so the green highlight appears, go to Finder, click and drag the text file over the grid but unable to drop it.  I noticed that when I drag it over the XD window, the green + does not appear underneath the file, indicating that it can be added to XD. 


      Just as dropping a group of images into a repeat grid seemed intuitive and was easy to accomplish, I thought doing the same with a text file would be too but I seem to be missing something, or there is a bug. 


      Using iMac running on OS X 10.11.4


      Thank you.

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          I believe the file you're dragging needs to end in ".txt" for XD to see it as a text file -- can you verify that?


          If it does end in .txt, does dragging the same text file into a new, blank XD document do anything?  Also, is the file stored on a network share or external drive or anything unusual like that?

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            seahawksean80 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick response Peter. 


            Adding .txt to the end of the file name is the solution!


            For some reason TextEdit didn't reformat from rtf to txt as it should have.  OS X glitch maybe or perhaps TextEdit isn't the best tool to use.


            Instead, I copied my list into word and saved it as in txt format and dropping this file (with the .txt) worked.


            But just so you know, in the Create Design For Web And Mobile Apps tutorial, it does show the text file drop working WITHOUT the .txt extension.


            Thanks again, you just saved me an hour of changing labels manually.

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              I am also quite new in XD and wanted to use the add .txt feature to populate a repeat grid of text boxes.

              Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.39.05.png

              It works fine, when I'm making a repeat grid of a single text-box - the listed items appear as they are supposed to - but it does not work if i make a repeat-grid of a symbol (i.e. containing a frame, a picture and a text box)


              SO if anybody is trying to use the drag .txt file to populate a repeat-grid of a symbol it probably will not work (as of dec. 1. 2017)