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    installing a .dcp file for Pentax K5 - I can't see the camera

    marcellos15281299 Level 1


      first post here


      I have a Pentax K5 and a Mac, I', trying to install a .dcp file for my camera I downloaded from a forum.


      I put the .dcp in


      /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles


      restarted Lightroom but, using a DNG file in Develop \ Camera Calibration  I still can only see Adobe standard and Embedded


      I tried putting the file in every subdirectory too, restarting everytime, still I can't see my camera.


      BTW, I see in Adobe standard a .dcp file for the K5 but there's no way I can see it in my option window inside LR.


      That's a problem,  because the colors are very dimed, I have to calibrate the colors everytime


      maybe iI'm doing something very stupid, I don't know, it's quite possible but, really I can't get out from this trouble


      Any help is appreciate, thank you