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    XML-Import and constant number of lines


      Hello community,


      I can't figure out a  solution for my problem.


      I import some XML containing addresses with XML-rule (JS):

        function addressStyling(){

              this.name = "addressStyling";

              this.xpath = "//address";

              this.apply = function(myElement, myRuleProcessor){


                      var myAttribute = myElement.xmlContent;

                      myElement.xmlContent.applyCharacterStyle(app.activeDocument.characterStyles.item("bold"), true);

                      insertTextAsContent('\r', XMLElementPosition.ELEMENT_END);


                  return false;




      The XML looks like this and unfortunately it is not structured well.










      My problem is, that the layout is planned for exactly 4 rows (or lines) for this address.

      Is there a InDesign-way of solving this problem or is it better to use some XSL and separate the string (e.g. by &#x2029;) into 4 separate children?


      Thank you for your help!