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    CC costs too much for italian freelances, can I buy an old version anywhere?


      I have the skills and I want to start my business, after some years of experience as employee, using the CS4 suite.

      I want to buy 3 Adobe softwares, but they costs too much in CC.

      I prefer an option with an older version that I can pay one time and it lives forever.

      If I can't, I would try to find out a "physical" copy of old Adobe products in some markets that have them still now. In this case, when I put the serial, Adobe will force me to upgrade to the CC and to pay as a CC user?

      We have too many costs in Italy as starter freelancers for paying 900€/year for using 3 softwares, it's too much with the rest. I can accept to pay, for example 2.000 € for 3 softwares and nothing more, using the same software for years as much time as I want (and without updates/support, ok).


      Adobe gives some options based on old softwares?

      It seems that it is only possible to download an old version if you've already bought it in the past it (giving the old serial number) and not to download it as fresh...

      Maybe these options are available only under a special request or something?


      I am badly thinking that I have to look for unprofessional alternative... I hope that the answer is no.



      Thanks in advance