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    Placing high res photos in InDesign - look awful when I resize downward! Can't work out why!


      I am a beginner with InDesign so I am looking for very clear directions. I am working with CS6 on a newsletter. When I place very large, high res photos in and then try to resize them downwards the resolution looks dreadful.  I use the place tool when importing. At first I thought it was because I use the "Fit Content to Frame" tool and that had adjusted the proportions. So I tried "Fit Frame Proportionally" and that didn't work, neither did "Auto Fit". I have tried placing photos and then doing a control + drag to resize downward - it didn't work. I have looked at Preferences - file handling- Preserve Image Dimensions (I deselected this option). Also didn't work. I am wondering if resizing affects the pixels but I don't know where to find this in InDesign. I found instructions for Photoshop about choosing Image - Resize Image but not in InDesign. The other thing I am wondering about is that I have placed these photos into a textbox - could that cause problems with the resolution? Should I be placing them some other way?


      Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!