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    Question about getURL working with html frame

      My page has two parts, the left part is the
      "link" part, and the right part shows what it links. It's name is "right".
      usually, i just use <a href="newpage.htm" target="right">link</a>.
      Now, I use the left part as Flash.
      As you know in Flash, getURL("./newpage.htm", "right"), it does the same thing
      and it works very well.
      Next, I put some # mark in the newpage. which means if u type newpage.htm#1
      then it goes to the first part of that page and /#2 goes to the second.
      Now, If you use <a href="newpage.htm#2" target="right"> , it works perfectly.
      It loads the newpage on the right frame and goes to #2 directly.
      Now let's try Flash, I use getURL("./newpage.htm#2", "right"),
      But, It doesn't work for the # sign! It only loads the page but not goes to #2.

      Someone would help me? Thanks a lot