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    How do I get files to CC

    bobhykeham Level 1

      I tried the free trial of lightroom CC and catalogued my photos.

      I have now purchased and have the full deal but I'm wondering if I misunderstood the CC bit.

      I was under the impression that I could load my catalogue(s) onto CC and be able to open that catalogue

      from CC into lightroom on my laptop.

      When I look on CC on my PC it shows that it has a file called Bob's Photos Previews.irdata.

      My Lightroom files on the PC are shown as below


      Bob's Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata

      Bob's Lightroom Catalog

      Jill's Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata

      Jill's Lightroom Catalog


      so where has the files on CC come from?


      If I can load my catalogues onto CC could someone explain in simple terms how to do this.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          If you can open the catalog files, then these are indeed in Lightroom CC. There's nothing more for you to do.


          You may want to confirm that you are using Lightroom CC by going to Help->System info and seeing what version of Lightroom you are using, if it includes the letters CC you are all set.

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            Abambo Level 4

            First: The catalog is a database holding pointers to the photos, previews and the edits you apply to images. The catalog does not hold the actual image. That is stored somewhere else on your disk (you decide during the import where).


            When you move the catalog to an other computer, be sure to move the catalog and the attached directories. Look here: Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ


            The pictures on the second computer need to be at the same path (place) as on the source computer. Else LR will not find the images and they need to be reattached.

            I use for my Laptop, I use an external disk with the images and the catalog on.


            You are probably talking about access to your LR data via a mobile device via the cloud. For this LR can synchronize smart previews with the cloud and you can apply edits to those smart previews. The next time you connect your PC, those edits will be synchronized back. To do that, you need to put your images in a collection and synchronize that collection to the cloud. The will appear automatically in the cloud.


            To create a collection go to the Library module - collections - click the plus sign and tick "Sync with Lightroom" in the "Create Collection" dialogue box.


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              Abambo Level 4

              BTW: I would not split the catalogs, I would create 2 different directories inside ONE catalog, if you want separate Jill's Photos and Bob's pictures.

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                bobhykeham Level 1

                Thanks for taking trouble to advise biut could you explain that idea further please. I've never really got past the key pressing stage as regards the tech side of my PC.

                Are you saying I should have a folder containing Jill's catolog and Bob's catalog or is that too simple.

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                  bobhykeham Level 1

                  Thanks for taking time to reply and the advice.

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                    Abambo Level 4

                    I would use only one catalog file but separate Jill's and Bob's shoots with a folder.


                    During import, you can use import presets to select the destination folder and other parameters.


                    Files should reside in a subdirectory, I use the year as root and the date as the subdirectory (this is the LR default, but was also my organization before using LR).

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                      bobhykeham Level 1

                      Thanks again.