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    File paths when working on multiple projects

    pete-desktop Level 1

      Hi – I have a quick (and hopefully straightforward) question.


      When I'm working on multiple projects I sometimes find myself accidentally saving my .aep files in a different project's folder:


      I'll work on Project A in a folder with that name, then open Project B. When I go to 'Save As…', After Effects will open the save dialog pointing to the directory of Project A.


      This isn't a major issue, but I find myself sometimes losing track of files because this behaviour is different to that seen with InDesign and other CC software.


      Is there a setting I can change somewhere? I've taken a look under Preferences but can't see anything.



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          davidarbor Adobe Community Professional

          Nope, it's irritating, but that's how it is. I think it's even localized to each save dialog, (but I could be wrong about that) meaning, if you choose Save As for the project you'll get the last path you were in for the Save As dialog, and the same goes for saving the output of a render—you would get the last location you saved a render, not where you saved that project. This isn't the most uncommon behavior, but I don't love it. Audition also does the same thing when it comes to saving exported files. It makes great sense while you're working on the same project, but when you're bouncing back and forth it's less desirable.


          You could always file a feature request with a solution to change this behavior or expose an option in the preferences for something like "Save dialogs always point to path of currently open project."

          Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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