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    Bug? Deleting first 2 pages changes object order.


      Hello, just had a very weird thing happening.


      A customer send in a file in which the first 2 pages of the document where the cover, so i copied them to a new document, and deleted them from the original document.

      By doing that, all the objects in spreads that went from one page to another came to the foreground in the odd page across all the document.

      For instance, an image that occupied pages 100 and 101, with text in the foreground, page 100 was ok, but in page 101 the image came to foreground and hide the text.

      I don't think this beahviour is normal, because it only happens when deleting page 1 and 2. If i delete page 1 and 4, for instance, it doesent happen.


      I'm currently on the last version of Indesign CC (2015.4) on a Windows 10 machine. But i already tried in my colleagues computers, some with OSX, others with other versions of Indesign, and it replicated the error on all the computers.

      I also tried with a new document, and it also replicated the error.


      Deleting page 1 and 2 causes the error,

      Deleting pages 2 and 3 doesent cause the error

      Deleting pages 3 and 4 doesent cause the error

      Deleting pages 1 and 3 doesent cause the error

      Deleting pages 1 and 4 doesent cause the error.

      It seems the error only occurs when page 1 and 2 are removed simultaneous. Removing a block of pages (1 to 4 for instance) also causes the error.


      Is there some weird explanation for this, or is it a bug?


      Hope i made myself clear, and sorry for the poor english.